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Release Notes - Sesame - Version 2.0-beta3 - HTML format


  • [SES-357] - Wrong default value for 'infer' param in HTTP server
  • [SES-358] - Statement upload ignores context
  • [SES-359] - RepositoryConnection left in non-auto-commit mode after adding invalid data
  • [SES-360] - Clear operation on repository causes VarargsNullValueException
  • [SES-361] - Remove Statements operation causes VarargsNullValueException
  • [SES-362] - Transaction parser fails to parse statement removal operations correctly
  • [SES-363] - QueryLanguage should be a class instead of an enum for extensibility reasons
  • [SES-364] - addStatement operation fails on HTTPRepositoryConnection
  • [SES-365] - HTTPRepositoryConnection fails almost all tests; major debugging required
  • [SES-366] - getStatements() with contexts does not produce sstatement objects with context in HTTPRepositoryConnection
  • [SES-367] - BNode identity not preserved over HTTPRepositoryConnection
  • [SES-368] - RepositoryServlet incorrectly parses content type header in addData
  • [SES-369] - clear operation ignores autocommit mode in HTTPRepositoryConnection
  • [SES-371] - Incorrection Assertion in QueryModelNodeReplacer
  • [SES-378] - namespace collision in TurtleWriter


  • [SES-288] - Implement Web Client Interface for Sesame2
  • [SES-327] - Use factory classes for dynamically creating parsers and writers
  • [SES-344] - QueryParsers should be registed via resource file
  • [SES-373] - Set default value of maxUploadSize to something higher than 256K

New Feature

  • [SES-301] - Configurable/extensible RDF parsers and writers
  • [SES-302] - Configurable/extensible query language support
  • [SES-303] - Configurable/extensible query result format support


  • [SES-354] - Update HTTP protocol documentation
  • [SES-374] - support external query variable bindings over HTTP

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