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All Projects : Sesame (Key: SES)

Project Lead: Arjohn Kampman
URL: http://www.openrdf.org/
Sesame is an extensible Java framework for storing, querying and inferencing for RDF. It can be deployed as a web server or used as a Java library. Features include 2 query languages (SeRQL, SPARQL), inferencing support, and RAM, disk, or RDBMS storage.

Release Notes

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Change Log

   Improvement SES-1095 FIXED TimeLimitIteration can cause excessive memory use Critical Resolved
   Bug SES-1086 FIXED Default logback loglevel should be INFO, is currently set to WARN Major Resolved
   Bug SES-1102 FIXED Mishandling of brackets in Property Paths Major Resolved
   Bug SES-1091 FIXED Using setBinding on query variable in property path loses that binding from result set Major Resolved
   Bug SES-1100 FIXED openrdf-sesame.war webapp resets http.proxyHost JVM-wide system property Major Resolved
   Bug SES-1096 WON'T FIX Position of BIND() affects query results Major Resolved
   Improvement SES-1090 FIXED Add vocabulary constants for owl:Thing and owl:Nothing in OWL class Trivial Resolved
   Bug SES-1041 FIXED Sesame workbench Contexts screen can fail to show contexts due to caching Trivial Resolved
   Bug SES-1060 FIXED REGRESSION: SameTermFilterOptimizer throws AssertionError if Term Used in UNION Critical Resolved
   Bug SES-1074 FIXED Context ignored in subselect query Major Resolved
   Bug SES-840 FIXED Export Repository Data To Binary Format - Unsupported yet Major Resolved
   Improvement SES-1077 FIXED GroupIterator should not evaluate entire subquery on initialize Major Resolved
   Bug SES-1062 FIXED IllegalArgumentException: timeout value is negative Major Resolved
   Improvement SES-1076 FIXED Support certain standard namespaces without having explicit declarations for them Major Resolved
   Bug SES-1063 FIXED integer division should set higher scale Major Resolved
   New Feature SES-1080 FIXED Buffered RDF handler that groups incoming triples by context/subject/predicate Minor Resolved
   Improvement SES-1079 FIXED RDF/XML parser should report warning on datatypes starting with 'xsd:' Minor Resolved
   Bug SES-1058 FIXED INSERT DATA throws parse error on data with blank nodes Blocker Resolved
   Bug SES-1055 FIXED SERVICE pattern in DELETE/INSERT WHERE update causes NullPointerException Major Resolved
   Bug SES-1059 FIXED Shutting down and re-initializing a remote repository causes an IllegalStateException Major Resolved
   Bug SES-565 FIXED Variable binding issue in nested Serql queries Major Resolved
   Bug SES-1050 FIXED sparql filter exist containing filter with && on two bound variables does not work Major Resolved
   Improvement SES-1017 CANNOT REPRODUCE join on subselect with limit and service pattern is not evaluated efficiently Major Resolved


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Project Summary

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Closed 464

Open Issues

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Andreas Schwarte 1
Arjohn Kampman 64
Dale W. Visser 3
Damyan Ognyanoff 1
Herko ter Horst 1
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