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Key: SES-17
Type: New Feature New Feature
Status: Reopened Reopened
Priority: Major Major
Assignee: Unassigned
Reporter: Jeen Broekstra
Votes: 2
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OWL support in Sesame

Created: 21/Feb/04 09:47 PM   Updated: 08/Sep/10 09:22 AM
Component/s: RDBMS Sail, Memory Sail
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: None

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1. Custom inferencer rule file for OWL DLP Sub-task Sub-task Closed Closed Jeen Broekstra  
2. Query-based Custom Inferencer Sub-task Sub-task Open Open    

Support for the OWL specification is one of the major new features that should be developed for Sesame in the near future. A first start is thinking about how to couple the OWL API developed by the university of Manchester to Sesame.

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Comment by Richard Newman [22/Apr/04 04:54 PM]
I concur - I think that the added power of OWL is vital for any SW toolkit. Sesame has a number of the features I would find valuable, but OWL is a big thing.

Comment by Jeen Broekstra [23/Apr/04 09:51 AM]
I've started working on a simple coupling where a SAIL implementation also implements the org.semanticweb.owl.model.OWLOntology interface.

Comment by Jeen Broekstra [27/Aug/04 01:52 PM]
Now checked in and available is a rule file for use with the custom inferencer that supports OWL entailment, specifically the OWL DLP subset as identified in [Grosof and Horrocks, WWW2003].

See src/org/openrdf/sesame/sailimpl/rdbms/entailment-owl-dlp.xml.

Supported OWL constructs are: equivalentClass, sameAs, TransitiveProperty, SymmetricProperty, inverseOf, hasValue restrictions, intersectionOf.

Note that this is a very naive solution that uses forward chaining. The approach will not be scalable enough for expressive OWL ontologies with large A-boxes, but may suffice for 'light' use of OWL primitives in mostly RDFS-only ontologies (for example, occassional use of sameAs to enable concept identity matching).

Comment by Mark van Assem [06/Apr/05 03:14 PM]
Hi Jeen,

Is the paper you refer to thins one: http://www2003.org/cdrom/papers/refereed/p117/p117-grosof.html

They don't talk about OWL but about DAML+OIL. In any case, the question I have and I'm not sure is answered is if the inferences supports owl:TransitiveProperty.

Comment by Jeen Broekstra [06/Apr/05 05:14 PM]
I think that is an old version of the paper I meant, I'm sure there is an OWL-specific update somewhere. I'll look around.

To answer your question: yes, TransitiveProperty is covered by Sesame's OWL DLP custom inferencer.