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Dec 23, 2005 3:43:55 PM

Sesame Addict
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The Netherlands
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Java 5 conversion of Sesame 2 code base almost complete

We have finished the first stage of converting the Sesame 2 code base to Java 5. Additionally, the query engines have been moved to a pull-based approach. The net result is that the repository API now returns typed collections and/or typed iterators (for pull-based streaming handling of results).

Available in CVS, for those who dare. We hope to do a new release shortly into the new year (as soon as we finish porting the native store, which is moving along nicely but not yet complete).

As an aside: Aduna will be on a break next week. We wish everyone a good Christmas and a happy new year!
Researcher at AFSG - Wageningen UR
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