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Developer documentation

Since release 2.7, Sesame documentation is hosted at

Plugins, extensions and other related software

There are various plugins and extensions to Sesame that have been developed elsewhere:

    A high-performance semantic repository, packaged as an implementation of Sesame's Sail API, with support for the semantics of RDFS, OWL Horst, OWL 2 QL and OWL 2 RL.
  • CumulusRDF
    A Sesame Sail-based RDF Store and Linked Data server on a cloud-based architecture, using Apache Cassandra as storage backend.
  • Bigdata
    A horizontally scaled storage and computing fabric supporting optional transactions, very high concurrency, and very high aggregate IO rates. Supports Sesame's Sail API.
  • Virtuoso Sesame Provider
    A fully operational Native Graph Model Storage Provider for the Sesame Framework, allowing users of Virtuoso to leverage the Sesame framework to modify, query, and reason with the Virtuoso quad store using the Java language.
  • Sesame Adapter for Oracle Database
    The Sesame Adapter for Oracle Database integrates the popular Sesame Java APIs with Oracle Semantic Technologies support.
  • dotSesame
    dotSesame is a C# / Microsoft .Net port of the Sesame framework.
  • uSeekM
    Geospatial indexing and search for Semantic Databases based on the Sesame Sail API.
  • phpSesame
    A PHP client library for Sesame.